Dan Herisson was born in Redhill in the UK. He trained as a chef, hated it, then studied 3D Art & Design BA (Hons) instead. In no particular order, he has curated an art gallery, worked as a handyperson, a driver, a property developer, a video editor, an engine remapper, a barman, ran an interior design shop with his wife, and has sold dried flowers, mobile phones and small pets (not at the same time).

When he’s not writing, he works as a design consultant for US based e-commerce and business training companies.

He is presently writing a sci-fi thriller series The Standstill. These books follow the survivors of a temporal anomaly, hunted by a grisly alien entity, hellbent on ending all human life.

Dan lives in South London with his wife, teenage daughters, a rescued lurcher, three cats, a parrot and gerbil sisters.

He loves hearing from readers, so please click here to send him a message of complaint, praise or anything in-between.